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The Value of Long-Term Thinking

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When I was a young child, I counted the years until I was free of the treachery of school. I added up all the middle school years ahead of me, then the high school and finally college. It seems like an infinity waiting until the days that I would become an adult.

A few short decades later I was a man with a long and difficult mission. Graduate from college without debt. My tuition was paid, but I needed to ensure my living expenses were covered.

I went the entire year without heating or cooling the apartment. I have unfortunate memories of trying to fall asleep in the 80-degree Alabama heat.

I drove an old, crappy, and uncomfortable Honda Fit (which I still drive) and rode my bike to class to avoid parking fees.

Why do I do all of this? To avoid debt and skip the burden of paydown.

There are three stages of personal finance.

  1. Getting back to even
  2. Saving and Accelerating
  3. Living and Giving

I skipped the first step. Having a long-term view made me years ahead of my peers.

While in college I inherited a hefty sum of money, but I still didn’t skip the second step. I got a job, making 60k a year as an IT specialist. I still work for the same company today.

Under a year after graduation, my wife and I paid 246,000 for a 2,500 square foot house. We knew the house could be nice if we fixed it up and made some smart investments.

In just over 6 years we’ve saved over $600,000.

Save, and accelerate. We spend our money on appreciating assets, not junk.

My peers have nice cars, boats, and dumb toys. I have money.

All for the goal of being able to live life on my terms.

We all have a choice. Live in the moment, or sacrifice for a better future. Think long-term.

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