Doha as seen from a Qatar Q-Suite

5 Things I love About Qatar Business Class and Three I Don’t

I recently flew Qatar business class from Atlanta to Bangalore, connecting through Doha. Here’s the highs and lows about traveling on this pristine airline 1. The Q-Suite Qatar airlines has one of the best business class setups with the Q-suite. This configuration, available on some planes flying through Doha, provides […]

Create Goals for the New Year

Creating Goals for the New Year

New year new you? Not exactly. Your either evolving or declining, so it’s time to make some new goals and start winning in the new year.

Arizona Desert

Growth and FIRE- 2019 Year in Review

Growth and FIRE Progress 2019 was a major year of growth for me, both financially and professionally and I’m just under a year away from my FIRE date (2021). I’ve spent this year saving money, and growing my investment income. I also discovered how much I enjoy travel, and did […]

Cash Back Credit Cards That I Love

I love credit cards, or more precisely, the cash back that they give me. I’ve got three of them. This seems to be the magic number for me, but your mileage may vary. Before I continue with telling you the cards I use, let’s talk about safety. Credit cards, like […]

Five dollar bill

Let’s Talk About Money

Here’s a weird secret: Everyone has trouble with money. Some have trouble making it.Some have trouble keeping it.And some have trouble spending it (guilty).I’m here to teach and to learn, and maybe get a little better at spending money myself. So here’s the plan:Mid 2021 I’m planning on doing something […]