A Breakdown of My Net Worth

Most financial experts agree that calculating your net worth is valuable to understanding your financial picture, so I decided to recalculate mine and create a break down of my net worth by category. Here’s what I found: Unproductive Assets Cash 3.2%: Emergency fund and working accounts like checking and savings. […]

Buying a large house is a middle class money mistake

Middle Class Money Mistakes

We all need to avoid making mistakes with our money. I would know, I’ve made a bunch myself. When we make these mistakes it’s important to correct them (if possible) and ensure that we don’t make the same ones again. My biggest goal is to build a legacy for my […]

Reflecting on 2020

For the past few months I’ve felt entirely uninspired. My work has become monotonous, my vacations have been cancelled, and everything I have to look forward just isn’t happening. This sucks. I know that I truly few things that I can complain about. I’m healthy, still working and have a […]


I love my ESPP

I LOVE my company’s ESPP! Seriously it’s great, because twice a year I get a nice cash payout that I use to boost my index funds. How ESPPs Work Most Employee Stock Purchase Plans are exactly the same. You use up to 20% of your salary to purchase company stock […]

A scrum team

Using Skill Arbitrage Maximize your Salary

Skill arbitrage is all about using your skills to find a seemingly uncorrelated job that makes more money than your typically career path. Very few people across all industries actually work in their college field of study. Many of them have discovered how their skills translate into real world jobs […]

The Fire Movement Continues to Burn

Is The Fire Movement Finally Dead?

Haven’t you heard the news? The fire movement is officially dead! That’s right, pack your bags, shave that mustache, and head back to your home office to start those Zoom interviews. Or maybe not… Fire was born from the forge of divergence. We spend differently, save differently, and live differently. […]

The Correction Bear

This is The Cost of Entry

Welcome to the bear market, what we are experiencing is the cost of entry for being an investor. Times like this may seem scary, but these moments are the reason stocks outperform. First let’s back up and see how we got here. The Crisis Back in 2008 the bears came […]

Stock Market

The Markets Went Crazy – Money and Life Update

This past week the markets went crazy. It seems that every time I reviewed my account I lost another $10,000. Yikes. My initial reaction to this was confusion and frustration, is the Corona virus as bad as the markets are reflecting? Surely not! When lift gets crazy I’ve found the […]