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Let’s Talk About Money

Here’s a weird secret: Everyone has trouble with money.

Some have trouble making it.
Some have trouble keeping it.
And some have trouble spending it (guilty).
I’m here to teach and to learn, and maybe get a little better at spending money myself.

So here’s the plan:
Mid 2021 I’m planning on doing something stupid: walk away from a cushy high-paying job at an IT company. I’m going to get there by saving a few hundred thousand dollars in investments (mostly index funds). The idea is to replace the important parts of my salary with sweet, sweet dividend checks then confidently leave corporate life.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

  • I don’t like my job
  • I’d like to spend my time helping people with money

The people I work with are awesome, but the mindless bureaucracy and politics are decaying my soul. So follow along on my journey of stashing cash, living well, and wagging free.

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