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Is The Fire Movement Finally Dead?

Haven’t you heard the news? The fire movement is officially dead! That’s right, pack your bags, shave that mustache, and head back to your home office to start those Zoom interviews. Or maybe not…

Fire was born from the forge of divergence. We spend differently, save differently, and live differently. Fire people have prepared for both disaster and feasting. And after this is over, many more will join us. On the other side of this crisis, I believe fire will be larger as more people realize that being normal sucks. It seems funny to say this now, but this moment will be the financial breakthrough from many Americans. More people will realize that having a large cash reserve and lofty financial goals will put us all in a position of extreme preparedness in case things get bad.

For me, I’m very blessed to be able to afford a job loss, or income cut. This isn’t by my own doing, I’ve just taken the opportunities when they’ve appeared. In fact you’d have a hard time finding anyone in the FIRE movement that hasn’t had a lot of beneficial circumstances that assisted their journey. But every single one of us has had numerous opportunities that would set us back.

For most people it’s too late to make changes now, the pandemic has hit, so there’s no use spending time lecturing. Now is the time to help, whenever we can. Here’s what we can do:

  • Budget additional money for struggling small businesses
  • Stay inside
  • Call our neighbors and friends
  • Talk to your friends and family and about good financial habits
  • Stay inside
  • Schedule time with co-works for socializing

Is the fire movement dead? Nope, it’s only getting stronger, and I’ll still be quitting mid next year.

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