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How to have an Awesome Disney Vacation During Covid

Disney World vacations are Awesome! In fact, Disney World is one of my favorite places on the planet but, 2020 has brought some major changes. I firmly believe that it’s still possible to have an awesome Disney vacation during the covid pandemic. In fact, I’m researching the changes that Disney has made for my trip in January and would like to share these insights with you. Here are my best tips for having an awesome Disney vacation.

Lower Your Expectations

The secret to eternal happiness is to keep your expectations low. As a result of covid, the travel industry is struggling. Disneyworld isn’t an exception. They’re undergoing the biggest cut in budget, staff, and entertainment ever. Many of the offerings that were available before 2020 are unlikely to ever return. A Disney vacation during covid won’t feel like previous vacations. In fact, Disney has eliminated a lot of entertainment and perks including:

  • Live shows
  • Character Meet and Greets
  • Fireworks
  • Fastpasses
  • Luggage Transportation

Don’t worry and don’t panic, It’s still possible to have an awesome Disney World vacation during covid.

Tip 1: Stay on the Skyliner

The Disney Skyliner. The best way to have an awesome vacation at Walt Disney World is to stay at a skyliner resort.
The Disney Skyliner. The easiest and best way to get around Disney World.

If you’ve ever been to Disney World you know how frustrating the buses are. They arrive and depart on island time, with no known schedule and the routes change constantly. A new and reliable transportation system is not only welcome, but it’s also a great experience. Staying at Pop Century, Art of Animation, Riviera, or Caribbean Beach resort allows you to get to Epcot and Hollywood studios without taking a bus.

Personally, I like Pop Century. It’s got a good mix of quality rooms, great location, and incredible value. Plus each room has a nifty murphy bed that transforms between a bed and a table. Pop Century can also be cheaper than many off-site hotels if you take advantage of seasonal rates and discounts.

Tip 2: Bring the Covid Essentials

Masks are required everywhere and Disney isn’t the exception. You won’t be able to take a bus, Skyliner, or enter a theme park without a mask on. So bring your mask, and bring a spare. You may want to swap masks during the day to keep your face feeling fresh in the Flordia heat.

The cast members will be using heavy chemicals to clean the restaurants, rides, and other surfaces. These will dry out your hands, so bring some lotion with you.

You’ll need to bring your phone and a spare battery. Restaurants won’t be distributing menus instead, you can scan a QR code to get the menu. You’ll also need to use your phone to get a boarding pass for Rise of the Resistance, which is totally worth the effort.

Tip 3: Spend your Time Wisely

Time is money when at Walt Disney World, and it’s even more critical now since the parks have reduced hours.

Check the hours for each park through the Disney World app and be sure to show up for park opening. You should also plan to stay in the park all day. I recommend avoiding park-hopping right now since this will waste precious park time.

Consider visiting the Magic Kingdom twice on your trip. There’s plenty to do there and the ride cleaning time will extend your wait for some attractions. Also buying your fifth or sixth day in a park is far cheaper than the first four. This helps to add value to the hours that you will spend in the park.

Those are my tips to having an awesome disney vacation during the covid pandemic. If you plan wisely and keep your expectations in check you’ll have a great time.

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