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A Breakdown of My Net Worth

Most financial experts agree that calculating your net worth is valuable to understanding your financial picture, so I decided to recalculate mine and create a break down of my net worth by category. Here’s what I found: Unproductive Assets Cash 3.2%: Emergency fund and working accounts like checking and savings. […]

Reflecting on 2020

For the past few months I’ve felt entirely uninspired. My work has become monotonous, my vacations have been cancelled, and everything I have to look forward just isn’t happening. This sucks. I know that I truly few things that I can complain about. I’m healthy, still working and have a […]

The Fire Movement Continues to Burn

Is The Fire Movement Finally Dead?

Haven’t you heard the news? The fire movement is officially dead! That’s right, pack your bags, shave that mustache, and head back to your home office to start those Zoom interviews. Or maybe not… Fire was born from the forge of divergence. We spend differently, save differently, and live differently. […]