The Value of Long-Term Thinking

When I was a young child, I counted the years until I was free of the treachery of school. I added up all the middle school years ahead of me, then the high school and finally college. It seems like an infinity waiting until the days that I would become […]

Passive Real Estate Investing

I’m a lazy real estate investor. Sure, I own a home, but I don’t want to deal with fixing toilets or collecting rent. I’m guessing you don’t want to deal with that crap either (pun intended). Lucky for us there are a couple options that will give us the returns […]

Roth vs Traditional IRA

Roth Vs Traditional 401(k)

When it comes to retirement accounts the 401(k) is the standard. It’s offered from work, easy to set up and fund, and typically offers only a few choices making it an easy solution for saving money. One of the most perplexing choices when it comes to 401(k) is to decide […]

How to save half a million dollars

How to Save Half a Million Dollars

As of the time of this writing, my wife and I have saved and invested half of a million dollars in just under six years. To be clear we’re already millionaires, but in 2015 we opened a brokerage account that would be used to fund our very early retirements and […]


3 Powerful Secrets of Millionaires

Too many people making investing hard or complicated, and when investing gets complicated it gets hard. In fact, there’s a whole tv channel dedicated to the intricacies of the investing world. Millionaires tend to do things differently. After all, if they were like everyone else they wouldn’t be millionaires. The […]

My Credit Score

6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score

Boosting your credit score isn’t an art, it’s a science. Whether you want to raise a bad credit score, or just tack on a few extra points before getting a mortgage or a loan you can use these ways to boost your credit score. How your Credit Score is Determined […]

Walt Disney World

How to have an Awesome Disney Vacation During Covid

Disney World vacations are Awesome! In fact, Disney World is one of my favorite places on the planet but, 2020 has brought some major changes. I firmly believe that it’s still possible to have an awesome Disney vacation during the covid pandemic. In fact, I’m researching the changes that Disney […]